terms & conditions

On all projects, unless otherwise specified, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to start.
No hosting is provided.
If required, all hosting access need to be made available before the project can begin
A backup of the completed signed off the project will be available before access is given to the client
One set of look and feel changes will be allowed.
Desired look and feel examples must be made in brief.
Additional look and feel changes to be billed
After signoff backups of the database and files will be the client’s responsibility
No Facebook Graphics or posts will be included
No Open Graph Tags, cards, or descriptions are included for any platform
No deposit refund or refund of any amount will be available on cancellation from the client
Administrator access will be granted after the final balance of the payment is reflecting
The website will be developed on our development server until signed off and the final balance is paid
A 2-hour fee will be charged to reload the backup and restore the original signed off the website
Concoct Studio will not be responsible or liable for hosting, hosting failure, 3rd party failure or changes to systems, API’s, or deletion of anything that’s out of Concoct Studio’s control.
Any changes made by the client after sign-off and hand over that may cause the website to break or files to corrupt will not be the responsibility of Concoct Studio
Any faults related to hosting, security certificates or email or the security of the usernames or password will not be the responsibility of Concoct Studio
All Google admin usernames and account details will be handed over on completion
All sites will be migrated to the live domain after the final balance reflects
The SEO will be done on the live domain
The OnPage SEO is once off. No article writing, PR submission, URL submission or ongoing month to month SEO will be done
Google Address listing and Google MAP properties are not included
Photoshop and using Photoshop will not be included in the training
The Google Adwords account will be set up but, no advertising campaign will be created
No advertising banners or ads will be created
Concoct Studio will not be liable for any unforeseen time constraints due to hosting or content or client hold-ups, malfunction, or unavailabilities